An experience like no other.

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| March, 17 2020 | for Robert E. Ellis, MD

Even though Dr Ellis provides his patients with his personal cellphone number , I have always been reluctant to use it so as not to impose on his private life. However, I recently woke up on a Saturday morning,and was completely deaf in my right ear ! I was really quiet scared,and after much deliberation,decided to call Dr Ellis for advice. He lives about 20 miles or so from his surgery,but without hesitation,asked if I could meet him there in an hour. He arrived on time,and opened up the surgery,where he carried out an examination of my ear. He was not put out at doing this,and was his usual cheerful self . I received a call from his super efficient office manager Veronica first thing Monday morning,who had already arranged an appointment at a local ENT doctor. This kind of episode shows just how much Dr Ellis has genuine concern for his patients,and indeed ,why his staff have so much affection for him as a person,and not just as their employer. Dr Robert ( Bob) Ellis....A true gentleman ! UU