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Douglas and Carol
| March, 20 2020 | for Anthony J. Ross, MD

My wife and I have been Doctor Anthony Ross's patients for many many years. He has always remembered our health histories and Carols extensive medicine allergies. When we go to him with an issue he always has options for our care and gives us his recommendation and lets us decide the next step. If he feels that we need to see a specialist, he always provides us with another doctor that he feels will provide us with the best care in their speciality. He has always encouraged us to eat healthy and diet properly so that our health remains better. Doctor Ross genuinely cares about his patients. When either of us has been hospitalized he comes by the hospital to check in us and ensure that we are getting the best care and all of the tests needed to help us get better. He has always listened to us and has always provided us with preventive medicare care. Both of us have family histories that can adversely affect our long term health and he has always given us annual physical exams even before he became an MDVIP member. It will be very difficult to find a suitable doctor to take over when he decides to retire. We consider him to be our friend and not just a doctor. Thank you very much for your continuous care of our health.