Face to Face Makes a Difference

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| January, 31 2023 | for Richard M. Del Sesto, MD, MS

I have been a patient with Dr. DelSesto for many many years. Our relationship has been excellent and very connected over the years but things changed in the last week. I joined his MDVIP organization because I wanted to stay with him as my personal physician, then: I went thru the blood test and the new testing machine a while back. They sent the data to Cleveland to be evaluated and then I went to see him for the results this week. The interview was more than personal this time. I felt my best friend was showing me how to survive the rest of my life happy and healthy. Dr DelSesto showed me data that broke down my blood cells and basically my lifestyle to a microscopic level. While face to face he went over every detail of the reports, what they meant and how to improve. It turns out that there are some areas of my lifestyle I must change and become aware of and cautious about. Discussing potential serious cardiac events, I felt he was one of my best friends trying to show me the changes that really needed to be incorporated into my lifestyle. I have printed the diets to start adhering to and the changes in meds he recommended. I will pay attention from now on to all the parameters that Dr DelSesto explained to me. I feel like I made a new friend and changed my lifestyle for the better. Thanks Dr D, I really appreciate it. Oh, by the way. I just turned 79 last week and I am determined to do my best to hit 80 and beyond.