Family and Texas and American Values Still Live

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| February, 29 2020 | for Kenneth C. Killen, MD

In a world and a nation of rapidly-shifting values and culture, it's so gratifying to known that the very best of Family and Texas and American Values still live in the office and the practice of Dr. Killen. The entire staff and of course Dr. Killen himself are the embodiment of the Good and the True, things we were taught generations ago in Texas especially, but things we find rare now. Medicine is so highly-advanced, interaction of drugs and supplements now is so complicated, I can't imagine not being able to quickly and thoroughly speak to my doctor. Immediate access and thorough conversations are hallmarks of Dr. Killen. What relationship is more important that a top doctor-patient relationship? When a doctor can become a trusted friend, like small-town Americana and Texas that many of us once knew, then this is one of life's most important relationships to cultivate. You can do this with Dr. Killen, he gives patients his all, he becomes the personal, private physician, his nurse becomes the personal, private nurse, his staff becomes the personal, private staff. 5-stars in every way, this doctor and this practice are Shining Lights for me, my family, and everyone they serve.