Family trip

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| March, 11 2020 | for Melanie Christina, MD, FACP

My nephew, William and his four year old daughter came to Dallas from Chicago to visit "Auntie M".
He had been ill before he came and went to the emergency room in his suburb and received treatment. All was supposed to be well.
They flew in to Dallas and we took them to the Dallas Arboretum to see the Children's Garden. We were there for a couple of hours when I finally realized that he was not doing well at all.
We headed back to the car - a long walk - and went straight home. William went to bed and the next day he was even worse. He wasn't able to eat, couldn't get out of bed. I called Dr. Christina and she returned my call in a matter of minutes. She talked with me and then William and then told us what we both needed to do. He began recovering within a day. She called to check on us both to make sure all was improving. She saved a disastrous "vacation" for us all and William was well enough in two days to fly back home.
Thank you Dr. Christina!