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| March, 10 2024 | for Frederick L. Bishop, MD
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Dr Bishop has been a wonderful Dr and has listened to every question, I am very detail oriented…every thing I want him to explain…he is able. He is a “listener and an encourager” what a knowledge Dr. I go out feeling good about his attention to my needs and praises me as I continue to be who I am at almost 77. One time he asked me how I am so fit, my blood work comes back great for a woman my age, everything is spot on and whatever I am doing….’don’t stop’!! I told him at 75 yrs old I was in training for my 3rd Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo. He was surprised…but told me to keep on doing it, I was one of the healthiest women he had seen for my age. I have since received my 3rd Degree BB, now in training for 4th and if I continue as I am able now, I will be 79 when I test for 4th Degree. I do all that is required even though at age 70, I was told I did not have to Spar or break boards, 12”x 12”, 1 inch thick. I did all of these things without a problem. All of my self defense, which also included taking her down, club defense and knife defense. At the time of my test I was 86lbs, 5 ft tall. With 25 Masters on the Board, I earned my 3rd Degree. I completed all that is required as those young people and adults did. I am blessed to have a Dr that thoroughly did my blood work and all the other test necessary for a good report. He was surprised at my health and activity for my age!!! I have high metobolism and energy to go with it. To this day I am still in training and will comtinue. I love how thorough he is, very thankful for how he listens and encourages me. I can’t ask for anyone better than Dr Fredrick Bishop. This picture is of me on the day of my 3rd Degree BB Test is with the Highest Ranking Master in our Korean Style Martial Arts and the Great Grand Master.