Fixing an Old Knee

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John William
| March, 15 2020 | for Mark L. Ireland, DO

I've had 3 separate MDVIP doctors in the last 10 or so years due to moves. I've discussed my ailing knee with each of them One took an Xray and told me there was a lot wrong with it ( I knew that). The first 2 basically told me to tell them when it really hurts and they'll replace it. Knee replacements are not fun and often take a long time to get back to " normal". Dr Ireland had an MRI of the knee done and set me up with an Orthopedic Doctor. The MRI was more comprehensive than the Xray. I have gotten pain relieving and mobility enhancing injections plus a series of about 15 physical therapy sessions. It feels a lot better and I am able to hike/walk 5+ miles a day as well as play golf. Thank you Dr. Ireland !