Gave me back my life

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| March, 19 2022 | for Douglas G. Swanson, MD
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In November 2020, like many others, I caught COVID. At 70 & overweight it was a challenge. Dr. Swanson, Candy & Virginia have been my cheerleaders, inspiration & sound medical experts for years. I had been retired for 4 years and after working 60 hours a week for over 20 years my one huge joy & mood lifter is hiking in the mountains. The minute I suspected I had COVID I contacted Dr. Swanson - I saw him within an hour. Pretty scary & my husband is 7 years older and not as active as me. What if I got HIM ill? I got calmed down by Dr. Swanson, given common sense rules to keep my husband safe, and weekly they checked on me. Supplements, drugs for drainage, but overall CARING! I lived in the basement until I wasn’t contagious, depressing not being “OUT” First I set 2 chairs in the basement and I walked from one to the other 2 miles a day - it was pretty ugly. Then I’d walk a mile outside where there were benches - and my cheerleader egged me on. Good days, bad days, but I tend to be stubborn (poor Dr. Swanson!, not the best patient) MRI, Echocardiogram as I still had no energy and NEEDED naps in the afternoon. Very frustrating- except my cheerleaders kept my spirits up. Dr. Swanson keeps up on the latest on COVID and answers my innumerable questions, and MOST OF ALL POINTS OUT THE POSITIVE. After months of dealing with some idiot oxygen providers, Candy & Dr. Swanson hung in there and I’m on my 3rd day. I hike (more of a stroll since COVID) and come home lay down and oxygen for an hour, then I do my housework (and boy does it NEED IT) I HAVE ENERGY AGAIN!! A light at the end of a very long frustrating tunnel (don’t think it’s a train) It feels like I’m getting my LIFE back! I don’t care if I end up carrying oxygen in a backpack if I CAN GET OUT IN MY MOUNTAINS! As I said, I’m stubborn, and not a great patient. Yet the caring, dedication, optimism & availability of Dr. Swanson and his great team have literally saved my life. He kept my spirits up, gave me facts, repeated them multiple times when my brain fog was present. It would have been so easy to quit and slide into depression. But I’m here, I’m hiking & beginning to live a fulfilled life again. You really need to know what a treasure this team is.