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| March, 13 2020 | for James W. Steiner, MD, FAAFP
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I first became a participant in MDVIP under the late Dr. Stephen Ritchie. When he passed away in 2011, Dr. James Steiner took over the practice. In the nine years that Dr. Steiner has been my physician he has kept me as healthy as is possible for a senior with several minor to moderate medical issues. We have also come to know one another on a social level and I enjoy the company of Dr. Steiner, his charming wife Suzette and his son Brandon. I feel a very strong bond.

Medically speaking Dr. Steiner is always patient and listens to my concerns and he explains his recommended treatments in great detail, helping me to build confidence in the knowledge that he truly cares about me. His diagnostic skills and intuitive understanding of my needs gives me a great degree of comfort since I tend to worry about my health with advancing years.

I would recommend Dr. Steiner to anyone seeking a compassionate and caring physician. And being within the MDVIP program gives his practice a greater degree of time to spend with his patients. Appointments are never rushed, and if I should need a spur of the moment time slot, I am always accommodated.