Genise Kerner, MD, physician extraordinaire

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| February, 22 2024 | for Genise E. Kerner, MD

I first met Dr. Kerner a couple of decades ago. She was the colleague of my primary care physician. I came down with a terrible respiratory infection and needed to see my physician asap. Dr. Kerner agreed to see me that day as my regular primary care physician was on vacation. She must have been flooded with patients but she agreed to see me and treated me like I was her only patient. I never forgot her kindness and professionalism in addition to her spot on diagnosis and treatment.
Sometime thereafter, I moved out of state for some 15 years and then retired, moving back to Michigan again in 2019. I naturally gravitated toward resuming my relationship with my previous physician. The response I got when I tried to become a patient again was very frustrating. The practice had changed; my previous physician was not taking new patients (even though I had been a previous patient for over two decades), Dr. Kerner had already left the practice. it was difficult to get an appointment, staff was rude, and it was crowded in the waiting room. They shuffled me to a different physician in the practice. The new physician was nice enough, but I felt rushed and not valued. I had mentioned a problem with my hip. That physician did a quick, once over, told me it was probably hip bursitis and sent me to a physiatrist/physical medicine specialist for an injection. I started getting treatment for the hip with her referral. I also looked for Dr. Kerner (because I wasn’t going back that other primary care practice) and found her with MDVIP. I made an appointment for a consult and was impressed the minute she walked through the door. She took one look at me, looked at my name again and said, “We’ve met before.” She remembered treating me that one time years before! I couldn’t believe it! She asked me a lot of questions about my health and goals then explained the MDVip concept. I loved the annual physical and thought that alone was well worth the price of membership. I did not hesitate to sign up. I’ve been a very satisfied patient ever since. Dr. Kerner has helped me improve my overall health, lose weight….and back to the “hip bursitis” I was being treated for by the physiatrist…after so many months and a couple of rounds of PT, Dr. Kerner wasn’t satisfied with that diagnosis. She saw that my limp was getting worse over time, not better.. She did her own thorough exam of my hip, including my range of motion (something the physiatrist never did…he kept treating me for a pinched nerve and hip bursitis but I wasn’t getting any better). Dr. Kerner looked me in the eye and said, “I want you to see an orthopedic surgeon for that hip. I believe it’s more than bursitis.” She referred me to an excellent specialist and he (along with another specialist I visited that my PT referred me to) recommended a anterior hip replacement as I had severe osteoarthritis in the right hip. Thanks to Dr. Kerner’s thorough review and her referral (she is very well connected in the medical community) I just had the hip replacement two weeks ago and for the first time in 2 years, I am walking without pain. Dr. Kerner has been in touch with me the whole time. I can’t thank her enough.
Working with Dr. Kerner has improved my physical health and well being so much. She listens, she makes great suggestions, she’s an excellent diagnostician. I feel so lucky to be her patient. I’ve also referred friends and family to her. I can’t thank her enough for her great care and I highly recommend her.