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| March, 12 2020 | for David A. LeVine, MD, CMD

I worked as a registered nurse for 40yrs before retiring in 2015. Back in 2003-2009 while working as a Case Manager @ a local hospital I had the opportunity to observe the wonderful young Dr Levine. I can even remember thinking of him as such a delightful young “baby doc”. When he came to the floor he would interact with staff both professionally and kindly.. He would then pour over his patient’s charts, talk to their nurses, therapists and others involved in their care. As part of my duties I would assist in their discharge planning care. I can still remember how their faces would light up when I would mention their dr had sent me in for discharge planning. Several years ago my primary care physician of 36yrs told me he was retiring, my mind went immediately to Dr Levine and fortunately he became my dr. No, he is no longer the “baby doc” of my memories he is still the big brained, most kind, caring, compassionate dr I have ever had the privilege to know.