A Gifted Doctor

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| March, 25 2020 | for Charles E. Lieber, MD, FCCP

Dr. Charles Lieber has been an intricate part of my life and health. He is not only a caring and loving doctor but also a confidant. No matter when I call his office, he always finds the time to personally call me back and listen to my concerns. He does not take anything I say for granted. If I make an outrageous complaint about my health, he patiently asks probing questions until he gets to the bottom of my symptoms and makes the best recommendation to help make me feel better. I trust him with my life. Recently I told him I felt something behind my left rib cage and he sent me to do a CT-Scan to ensure what I was feeling was identified and/or treated. When Dr. Lieber called me with the diagnoses of a large cyst on my left kidney, he did his best to reassure me that the findings was not life threatening. I had to call him the next day because I was scared. He then told me that I should have called him back to let him know how I was feeling and he would have set my mind at ease which would have avoided a sleepless night.

He is an amazing doctor with great bedside manners. He treats me like a friend and his office staff is professional and kind. When he switched over do MDVIP, I immediately joined his group because I did not want to have another doctor as my primary.

Because of Dr. Lieber, I am now conscious about my health in general. He encourages me to contact his office with any concerns. He does not make me feel silly for complaining about something as minute as a headache due to sinus pressure. He also has referred me to visit MDVIP website to watch videos and get information on how take better care of myself.

Dr. Lieber is my rock star and I credit him for keeping my daughter and I healthy by always reviewing our medical history and for taking the time to listen to us. He is truly the BEST doctor I have encountered and I would not trade him. His gift is not just being an experienced doctor that does annual physicals and writes referrals. His gift is being able to understand his patients as a whole human being (psychological, emotional, mental, personal), which is a rare skill set to find in most doctors.