Glad Dr Bock switched to MDVIP

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| March, 14 2020 | for Alan S. Bock, MD

We have been patients of Dr Bock for over 20 years. We weren’t sure we wanted to make the change with him but didn’t want another doctor so we joined him with MDVIP and have no regrets. Having easy access to a doctor as we age is extremely important. Dr Bock always makes time for us in the office, by phone, text or email. Many friends tell us they wish they had these benefits. He sometimes has a little grin if I ask a question about something I’ve read or heard that might not be proven medical advice but he gives me his opinion and that’s all I really need. He helps us whether we’re up or down and that’s the sign of a great doctor. I wish he would never retire. For now, I just won’t worry about that!