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| February, 20 2024 | for Leslie C. Murphy, MD
Image provided by: Angela

The phrase "Going the extra mile" is often overused..... going one more mile takes passion, commitment and a lot of effort. It is so easy to not do it.... to just say you've done enough and trail off.

Dr. Murphy actually does run for exercise and I'm sure she puts in the extra mile, reflecting what she does at work for her patients. I have not had any really serious medical problems since being with Dr. Murphy (10 years now!) but whenever I call, I feel listened-to. I always receive a fast response with plans to help me feel better and move forward.

I have had some pretty sad episodes in my life while with Dr. Murphy and she has guided me through them and made me feel that I am not alone.

She and her team always strive to make a difference for me.

The good health that she works so hard to maintain for me allows me to serve my community's pets...... she is always running alongside me, spurring me on!

Photo shows me by a Christmas Tree featuring all of the Therapy Dogs that "work" for my organization.