Good advice and postive outcomes result in trust and confidence

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| March, 13 2020 | for Michael K. Crawford, MD

I believe the best test of a Doctor is if he/she causes you to feel 100% confident that they understand your situation and are doing everything possible to ensure your best health. Developing this trust and confidence takes time, and results from consistently receiving solid advice and experiencing good outcomes. I can easily say this is exactly how Dr. Crawford and his entire staff makes me feel. I always get prompt attention and follow-up on any need or question I may have. He and his staff always take the time needed to explain everything to my complete satisfaction, and I know I someone who tends to ask a lot of questions. There is never a long wait to get a response, or when needed, get an appointment.

Dr Crawford's evaluations and recommendations are always thoughtful, thorough and practical. If additional data, testing, or lab work is needed to get the right answer, he will suggest it. I also believe ensuring good health must be a team effort between the Doctor, his staff, other specialists, and the patient. Dr. Crawford and his staff always hold up their part. Good health is so important to enjoying life, and with Dr. Crawford on my side, life is very enjoyable!