Grateful and appreciate Dr Velasquez

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| March, 11 2020 | for Francisco J. Velazquez, MD
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After having a lymph node swell on my neck, Dr Velasquez didn't want to delay to find out whether there was a significant issue, or not. Dr intervened to set up a next day appointment with a talented but "hard to get an appointment with" specialist for testing and confirmation that I did have throat cancer. The quick response was very nice, to start the addressing the issue and I believe was a tremendous positive impact to my overall recovery. Dr Velsaquez always made time to address any questions or share guidance for any issues that developed along the way. I am grateful and feel blessed to have Dr Valesquez in my corner, or available for guidance through those challenging times, as well as being available to answer or address whatever questions I might have even is much less difficult circumstances.