Grateful for Dr. Bonezzi

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| March, 11 2020 | for Dana M. Bonezzi, MD
Image provided by: Nancy

My doctor, Dr. Dana Bonezzi is in my mind one of the best doctors in our town. She wears many hats, and I think without having the desire to not only help figure your personal health out, she also really cares about us as patients. I have three problems that have occurred now and then and her decision making on my behalf has been excellent. Needing a biologic for RA was probably responsible for a hospitalization from an infection that wouldn’t go away. My immune system was compromised. She acted quickly and I appreciated that she not only knew what to do, but always pays very good attention to everything I tell her. Another time her quick action allowed me to be treated and get started with a cardiologist because of A-fib. With multiple problems I feel much more confident having her as my doctor because she makes me feel “safer”. My blood pressure is usually lower on the day I go see her.