A Grateful Patient

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| March, 25 2020 | for Marina Manvelyan, MD

I have been under Dr. Manvelyan’s care since
March 2016. She took me in as a new patient right away when I had a critical medical condition. She arranged for testing and hospitalization immediately, and found the specialist who was able to diagnose my condition, necrotizing autoimmune myopathy. She also made sure that I consult with other specialists so that I would receive the best advice and care.
I have Dr Manvelyan to thank that I am able
to lead a normal life. She always has time to see me, advise me and encourage me.
She is never to busy to see me, spends as much time as I need answering all my questions and explaining in a manner that I can comprehend. If I need other procedures, or tests she refers me to the top specialists.
Her staff is courteous, efficient, professional and friendly.
I will always be grateful to Dr Manvelyan, and I’m blessed that she is my primary physician,
She is so intelligent and knowledgeable in so many aspects of medicine, yet, she is kind and approachable and friendly.
I pray that she stays in good health and practices medicine for a long time.
The world is a better place with Dr Manvelyan.