A Great Caring Doctor

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| March, 31 2020 | for Stephen E. Winston, MD

Dear Dr Winston,
Thank you for your support both medically and emotionally.
I remember when I received a letter that told me I had cancer. I had no cancer doctors, my gynecologist didn't want to talk to me because she didn't know all of the details of my particular cancer. Being diagnosed with the "Big C" is bad enough, but not being able to find a doctor to talk with was very frustrating. I was so upset. I picked up the phone, called your office (during office hours). I couldn't believe it when my phone rang about 6:30 PM that same evening. You were at home. You suggested doctors to contact, both cancer and surgeon. You helped me be pro-active about my own care. I want you to know that I am so grateful for your kind caring attitude and also your very special sense of humor.
Your support replaced the fear of the "Big C" and gave me hope for recovery. I didn't get that, "I care" attitude from other doctors.
Wishing all doctors could be more like you.
God bless. Be safe and well.
PS: Jim and I are home...social isolation.