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| March, 26 2020 | for Beau B. Pittman, MD

In Nov., this past year, an old and dear friend from first grade, through college, shared with me the great experiences she and her husband had found in MDVIP. Her story really sounded too good to be true. Not only was their doctor a fine Christian man, but also one who treated them with great love and compassion! Unheard of, in this day and time, I thought. But, after talking about making a change in our internal doctor for a year or so, my husband and I decided to make a change, even if we were 76&77, and the doctor was two hours away! We were pleasantly surprised, to find a man who let you complete a sentence, was genuinely concerned about your well being, and who visited as if YOU were his only patient for the day. We were given the most through of physicals, in fact neither of us had ever had some of the tests he performed on us. His compassion and care, are unlike any we’ve ever experienced! We look forward to many more happy, healthy years, because we found Dr. Pittman to be our primary physician, at this stage of our lives. He may be a graduate of our in state rival college, but we’re able to forgive him for that😀, because his excellence as a doctor transcends any old rivalry... any day! Thank you Dr. Pittman, for your Christian heart and care.