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| March, 16 2024 | for W Philip Morrissette III MD

I have been a patient of Doctor W. Phillip Morrissette III, for over 30 years. He has always been someone that you can talk to and explain what is going on with your life. He was there when my parents passed and he gave us information we needed in each situation. He was also there when I told him about my son that had died. I talked about it briefly and he shared his thoughts about it. He has always helped me with all the different health needs I had and made himself available for guidance. The last several years he has been helping me keep my blood pressure down by adjusting my medications and by monitoring my blood pressure readings. We're still working on it, but I know I can always depend on him to give me his best advice. Doctor Morrissette has an easy going personality. If you treat your patients right, and if you show them you truly care about their wellbeing, the patient will always feel as if they're being treated by a friend that is qualified to give you the best treatment you can receive. Thank you, Doctor Morrissette.