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| August, 3 2023 | for Samuel E. W. Johnsen, MD

I am 72 years old. My husband of 20 years and I returned back to Hawaii in November 2022, after residing in WA. for 6 months. We have Medical insurance through my husband’s retirement plan. Back in July 2022, I was diagnosed with a lower lumbar stenosis. Which came with the most excruciating pain that I never experienced in my life. Getting help with the pain (meds) is very difficult in WA. The strongest meds was allowed was gabapentin along with Physical Therapy. The PT worked done helped a lot better than the medication. Upon returning back to Maui at the end of November 2022. My husband made an appointment to see a new physician through the HMSA medical plan. The wait time however, was 2 weeks out and I couldn’t wait due to the pain I was suffering from. I needed to see a new primary physician much sooner Having heard about MDVIP from a friend who’s a member and knowing that I needed immediate medical assistance. My husband without hesitation enrolled me into MDVIP. Once doing so I was able to see my new physician within days of joining. Doctor Samuel Johnsen who has his office on Maui in the town of Lahaina took me in and assessed my medical needs Through his attentiveness and concern he immediately started to treat me by first tending to the intense pain by prescribing the needed meds, which truly helped to keep this nauseating excruciating pain at bay. Later he got me into physical therapy, followed by the taking of an MRI, that was followed with me seeing a surgeon who then referred me to a pain clinic who then proceeded with the admistrating of an epidural shot. To be factual mentioned process took Currently, I am not suffering from the extreme pain of lumbar stenosis as I was since in July 2022. If not for MDVIP and Dr. Samuel Johnsen, I would not have gotten the much needed medical assistance for my current condition in such an expedient manner. Though I still have this medical condition, at least I’m not in such excruciating pain as I was in 2022. Dr Johnsen’s knowledge in medicine, professionalism and listening to my health problems is second to none and my husband and I are so very grateful for all he has done for me. Mahalo Again.