A Great Quarterback

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| August, 5 2020 | for Ava A. Kaufman, MD

My mother lived with me for eleven years until she died at age 90. She had several serious medical conditions, diabetes for almost 60 years, a pre-leukemic blood disease that kept her on chemo drugs and resulted in low hemoglobin and high platelets, congestive heart failure, and advanced kidney disease. Dr. Kaufman was literally her quaterback, coordinating all of her care, consulting with all of her specialists re: changes in treatment and medication. She came to live me me at 79 and was really very ill. She got much better and had a great quality of life in her last 11 years. It was so helpful to have someone to text and call whenever there was a problem or a minor or major emergency. Dr. Kaufman's assistance and intervention was essential to my mother's unexpected long life. My husband and I are quite healthy but we feel very safe having a personal doctor who we know will be available when we need her the most.