Having Dr. Grimm as my primary physician provides me with peace of mind and confidence about my well-being.

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| April, 23 2018 | for William J. Grimm, DO

During 2016 and 2017, I was dealing with personal stresses and illnesses, plus I had two surgeries. Dr. Grimm, Nurse Carol, and office staff Wendy and Jamie, gave me enormous support; their help got me through these difficult times. Thank you just doesnt seem to be enough words to convey my gratitude.

In 2016, I was a patient of MDVIP doctor, Mavis Matsumoto, in Las Vegas. While visiting my family in Joshua Tree, California, my family and I became ill with severe chest infections. Dr. Grimm in Palm Springs was the nearest MDVIP affiliated doctor. His staff arranged for me to get an appointment quickly. He prescribed me an antibiotic plus suggested various homeopathic remedies. My family and I used the homeopathic remedies and soon we were all back to health. I was impressed with Dr. Grimm and his staff because of their quick service and useful advice.

I relocated to Joshua Tree in late 2016 and was very happy to make Dr. Grimm my primary physician. In May 2017, Dr. Grimm and his staff helped me coordinate all the tests and clearances for a surgery in an out-of-state hospital.
When I had another surgery in September 2017, he and his staff not only coordinated tests and clearances but prevented the surgery from being postponed. Three days before the surgery I realized I had misunderstood the surgeons instructions. I needed a medical clearance from Dr. Grimm immediately. He and his staff really pulled off a miracle. They got the clearance to the surgeon in time.

Dr. Grimm is an adviser and partner in my goal of wellness. For many years, multiple doctors misdiagnosed me with fibromyalgia so now I question doctors and research my health issues. I really scrutinize my doctors and their advice. Some doctors arent receptive to my approach. Dr. Grimm welcomes my challenges and we discuss my options along with current medical theories. He listens. He understands and appreciates my perspective.

Dr. Grimm has a holistic approach about medicine. Besides traditional western medical practices, he recognizes other healing options like acupuncture, homeopathy, and Ayurveda. He and his staff research various lab tests, supplements, nutrition, and other medical topics so he can better advise his patients. I value Dr. Grimms knowledge and analytic skills. He collects my personal health data through the best available testing then integrates this data with up-to-date medical research to give me the best advice.

Having an effective staff that is also warm, friendly, and caring is the result of selecting the right people and fostering a positive, cooperative atmosphere; this is what Dr. Grimm has done. When I need help with my health issues Dr. Grimm, Carol, Wendy or Jaime have always worked together and done their best to assist me. Even when the office is hectic or I have a difficult situation, everyone is cordial and helpful.

I can rely on Dr. Grimm and his staff to provide me with advice, services, referrals and tools to be as healthy as possible. Also, they have proven that I count on them when I face a health challenges like illnesses or surgeries. Having Dr. Grimm as my primary physician provides me with peace of mind and confidence about my well-being. I will always be grateful to him and his staff for getting me through those two tough years and back on the road of great health.