He and the staff were my lifeline.

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| January, 16 2019 | for Arnold L. Goldstein, MD

I have known Dr. Goldstein since high school. I was able to have him join a new practice in the late 70s. I have been a patient since that time. I followed him when he joined MDVIP. Arnold has always been an exceptional physician. Sensitive to all of his patients needs. I have a 45 year career in healthcare and have had contact with hundreds of physicians. It is not only the physician , but also the support people that make up the practice. Dr. Goldstein has an exceptional staff. He is an excellent captain, but it also includes Susan, Katilyn and Sheryl, that provide the support to assist Dr. Goldstein and carry on his goal of providing a solid, sensitive and caring practice, that unfortunately is not as common as it should be through out patient care. Dr. Goldstein has helped me through the time that my wife was diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer. He and the staff were my lifeline. There was no one else I would have trusted. I hope he does not plan to retire for the next 25 years.