He has truly made a difference in our lives.

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| October, 24 2018 | for Gerald J. Kivett, MD

My husband and I have been a patient of Dr. Kevitt for almost two years now. While we had to see quite often during the first 6 or so months to establish our goals and to be in better health. Having him as our primary has been the very best choice we've made. We both are feeling and doing so much better. Taking less meds than when we first started seeing him, we are eating healthier, from options and consultations Dr. Kevitt has given us.
He has truly made a difference in our lives.
Very thankful for him and for all his staff. We've come to all be friends, and in a small sort of way, have become part of a family.
Thank You Dr. Kevitt for all you do make us and many more feel better and part of a healthier group.