He listens!

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| March, 11 2020 | for Steve Barrick, DO

We have been patience of Dr. Barrick's for twenty years. Outstanding! We could not have found a more highly competent, conscientious, and patient doctor to take care of our needs. Whether it be a cold, pneumonia, stroke, knee/shoulder replacements, broken bones, etc., Dr. Barrick always comes up with an answer and a solution.
His knowledgeable network of specialists for referrals are always the right choice to handle any extenuating circumstances
Dr. Barrick has an open mind when it comes to homeopathic medicines and I often brought products to his office to discuss the pros and cons of adding certain products to supplement our health. We, in fact, have recommended many people to Dr. Barrick to include my mother and brother. Nothing but positive feedback.
His "bedside" manner is beyond reproach. He thinks before speaking, looks you in the eye, and possesses the gift to offer the right amount of seriousness and/or levity to any situation. His ability to diagnose medical problems the "first time" has benefited us in that we have never had to ask for a second opinion, ever!
Now that we are part of MDVIP our needs are met even more than before. His staff is knowledgeable, professional, and it's always nice to see a smile . The office as a whole as a quiet, calming affect. No one rushing around, wait time is less, and more time spent with Dr, Barrick. I won't say better care, we already had that. I will say more in-depth, comprehensive care. Over the years we have become very comfortable with visiting Dr. Barrick and have enjoyed talking with him about each others families, vacations, of course the weather, who doesn't, our heartaches and our joys. He is the consummate professional family doctor. Thank you for being our doctor, our confidant, and friend.