He takes care of my health both emotionally and physically. He is the best!!

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| April, 7 2017 | for Charles J. Veale, MD

I met Dr. Veale in 1992 when I first moved to Auburn. He was in a Doc -in-the-Box(Urgent Care). I did not have a doctor in Auburn yet. He was wearing a Hawaiian shirt when I met him and was very mellow. I was immediately relaxed talking with him. Because I had an instant comfort with him, I continued to go back when I needed a doctor. Shorty after that, he moved to his own practice and again I followed. I have been with him ever since. In our time together, he has listened to every sob story, every personal drama, every health scare and the effects of aging with me. I am not the greatest patient and stubborn to extreme. But Doc has managed to reel me in and we have been happy with most of numbers the last couple of years. The most trying time for me came after I had my hysterectomy and a year later I sort of just had everything in my life fall to pieces. I went for my usual check up. Had Doc not been there for me, I am not sure what I would have done. He gave me the ability to take a time out from my job and get the much needed rest and hormones I despertely needed. I can talk to him about anything and he will give me his honest opinion on the health issues both physically and mentally. Doc is a proactive doctor and would rather take the time for prevention. When he moved to MDVIP, I followed once again. There was no way he was going to NOT be my doctor after all this time. As I am aging, I want to know that he is there for me and knows me personally as well as my health history. Doctor Veale has always been the perfect doctor for me. He takes care of my health both emotionally and physically. He is the best!!