He is a wonderful man, excellent diagnostician

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| February, 28 2018 | for Jeffrey E. Silver, MD, FAASM, FACP

Dr. Silver was my husband Peter's doctor when he had ALS. He was terrific but of course limitations given the disease but made an enormous difference as a partner. When he opened his practice to concierge after my husband dies I was able to have him as my doctor. He had not room in his practice for me until then and performed a merciful act to include Peter. I am basically an old car, at now 75 and want quality care which Dr. Silver. He is a wonderful man, excellent diagnostician, has excellent referrals and has been a most fortunate primary care for me. Now my boyfriend, a psychiatrist has jointed his practice and is similarly please and has one of the teachers at the art center I oversee. He is great! and I rate him as a 5.