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| March, 11 2020 | for Lee S. Freedman, MD

It was prior to dawn on the morning on Jan 22nd of 2007. The morning after an exciting Chicago Bears NFC Championship victory, which I attended. After a long sleepless night of mild discomfort, but no fever, we called Lee for a check up. He immediately asked me to stop by the office on the way to work and fit me in before his first appointments. After administering all the standard tests and spotting no issues, he took an EKG as a final precaution. Mind you I was an unlikely candidate at age 36, with no family history, and in good physical health. The EKG was abnormal and indicating that I was likely in the midst of a heart attack. Unannounced to me, he had already taken measures to get me as quickly to the ER as possible and asked me to relax a few minutes before I left. Within minutes, an ambulance was on site and Lee had me pre-admitted into the ER when I arrived. I was immediately prepped for surgery and in the Cath Lab to assess my condition. As it turned out, My descending circumflex artery showed 100% blockage and prior to entering the procedure I was told by the cardiologist I had a 50/50 chance of survival. Obviously, everything went smooth, as I lived to tell this story. Lee checked on me throughout my ICU stay and into my rehabilitation. Now, 13 years later, I am healthier, still under Lee's care and I've seem my beautiful children grow up. My wife & I celebrated our 20th Wedding Anniversary a year ago, My daughter is entering High School, and my son will be off to college this fall. I may have missed all these priceless moments over the years without Lee's flexibility to fit me in, serious attention, and skilled & calm reactions to my emergency health crisis.

I am forever grateful & thankful for his care and reaction to my medical needs in this moment. Dr. Freedman was truly the definition of concierge doctor in this situation.