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| March, 9 2024 | for Stephen Mikos, MD

Our Dr , Dr mikos has supported us during some difficult health scares . My husband and I have gone to his practice for over 20 years . He had literally saved my husbands life by getting him to a cardiologist over 18 years ago ( when my husband did not want to go ) who identified an aortic aneurysm that resulted in an immediate open heart surgery and mechanical valve replacement fast forward to several years ago when Covid was still rampart in health care scenarios. My husband developed a high fever and was quite ill in North Carolina I was able to contact Dr mikos quickly who encouraged us to go to the ER . He stayed on the phone with me off and on during the visit helping us monitor the drugs being given for his pneumonia and making sure of no interactions with his blood thinners and antibiotics ( which we did find he was given one that might have interacted w his heart valve had we not identified it thru discussion with our Dr ) We are so grateful to have such a caring and trusted provider . He is truly special to our family and we could not be more grateful for his care and friendship