Help while away on vacation

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| January, 19 2024 | for Robert A. Carrellas, MD
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I was one of the many caregivers for my brother (David) who had been diagnosed with ALS. Dr. Bob was his doctor as well as mine and others in my family. Suffice it to say that David's care was a full time job with round the clock attention needed and supplied by various family members and privately hired CNA's. He was living on a respirator at this point and completely paralyzed with his disease. It was difficult to stay on top of all of his various medications.
I planned a much needed vacation to Mexico with my wife and family. It just so happened that Dr Bob did too and in the same beach town in Mexico where I'd be. One day we were on the beach together when I get a frantic phone call from my sister... "Paul, we ran out of David's most important med. I'm not sure how, but we did and I can't get in touch with Dr. Bob!!". I told her to hold on a second. Put her on hold, relayed to Dr. Bob what was happening. He said "no problem.- Let me call your local CVS and take care of it". He refilled the prescription and I went back and told my sister that it was all set and to go and pick it up at CVS. She was dumbfounded... "what do you mean it's all set? How did you manage that?" she asked. I casually responded that I'm down in Mexico... with Dr. Bob. He just called it in!
Now that is what I call extraordinary service!!