He's Always there for you

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| March, 18 2020 | for Lawrence P. Gassner, MD
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Not too long ago I thought I had a flareup of an old problem . I was very concerned so ,of course, I called Dr. Gassner and was very disappointed to hear he was out of town at a conference. However Kim told me he would get his messages...and sure enough within the hour Dr. Gassner called, we discussed the situation and he called in a prescription for me. I couldn't believe it. Also I accompany my husband to his office (age !!) and Dr. Gassner is extremely supportive in explaining things to him along with me so I really know what's going on and how to support my husband with health issues.
All this sounds so lame in writing it, but it's not Dr. Gassner is a gem. I have never had a Dr. who listened to each problem and spends however much time you need. I LOVE DR. GASSNER BUT HE'S TOO YOUNG FOR ME.