He's my other Life Partner

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| January, 22 2024 | for Anthony J. Ross, MD
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Other than my wife of 50 years, Dr. Anthony Ross has been my most trusted life partner. Dr. Ross "inherited" me from another Internal Medicine physician in 1983. Through 40 annual physicals, some physical ailments, several adventure injuries and a few serious health scares, he has been a rock... thoughtful, steady, bright and knowledgeable. I deeply appreciate that Dr. Ross has remained one of the medical "generalists" in the crazy area where more doctors are specialists WITHIN A SPECIALTY!!! He stays current so he can address all of the latest health and medical quackery. And, Dr.Ross is willing to research an issue concerning me and get back with me to discuss it....unbelievable.... no wonder he should be the model for all MD-VIP physicians!!