He's my Quarterback , My "go to" guy

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| December, 13 2020 | for Mark D. Wasserman, MD

I met Dr. Wassermann when I was starting 7th grade back in 1975 and I needed a sports physical for school. He would be on the sidelines for every game and has been my doctor ever since .. 45 years is a long time!!!!
He has always been my "go to" guy whenever I had a question about my health!!!!! At age 40 due to family history he recommended i have a blood test taken .. ( PSA) for prostate cancer. I followed his recommendation and at age 48 my PSA spiked and he recommend i see a urologist which i did and after a biopsy i tested positive for prostate cancer. when i got that call i was in shock and i picked up the phone called Dr. Wassermann's office ( Before MDVIP) and asked to see the Dr. to discuss my options and course of action. They put me on hold for a minute and then said come right in!!!
When my wife and I got to the office, the waiting room was packed and Dr. Wassermann saw us immediately!!!!! The point is the man is always there for you and he truly cares about you and your well being.
We discussed my options, he explained them to me in ways that we would understand. I told him my thoughts and that I was going to Memorial Sloan Kettering as well for treatment. He listened to me ramble on for 20 minutes nodding his head from time to time taking notes and when i was done he told me he would do the same thing if he was in my shoes. My wife and I felt such relief after talking with him.
The man listens, he cares and he explains thing to you in ways that you understand and is always quick with a joke!!!!!! ;).. i cant imagine going to anyone else . Thank you Dr. wassermann for all you do for us!!!!!!!