High stress on the high seas!

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| February, 13 2024 | for Leo Toupin, MD
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My husband and I were offered a free cruise by a major cruise line. The catch was that it departed in less than 3 days. My husband and I both have some special medical needs which require some planning. It was quite a scramble to make all the arrangements to prepare to leave home and our pets, then drive out of town to the port. I was a little stressed and excited to say the least. Early on in the cruise I noticed my heart seemed to be pounding a lot. Being a retired nurse, I have an extensive first aide kit with a blood pressure cuff I travel with. I had my blood pressure meds I only rarely used in the past with me also. I checked my blood pressure and it was unusually high and teetered in the range of possibly seeking urgent care on the ship if it continued. I knew there was a chance the ship's doctor may per protocol require me to seek medical attention at the next port before allowing me to continue on the cruise. I considered this as an option, but did not prefer seeking care in a small country in Central America, unless I absolutely had to. I had to weigh the stress and health implications of any decision I made. I won't go into detail but I reached out to Dr. Toupin's office by phone from the ship. A staff member returned my call within the hour. I can't say enough about the value of your doctor's office being accessible when you need them. They set up an appointment for me the very next morning after I my return. After contacting Dr Toupin's office, I had a good plan of action, and it gave me peace of mind. I believe that having accessibility to care, and having a plan of action, I averted a health crises. Thankfully I was able to enjoy the rest of the cruise soon after. The event also reinforced my decision to be in the MDVIP program and have Dr. Toupin as my physician. Thank you.