His recommendation for testing saved me from possible death

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| March, 12 2020 | for David J. Maleh, MD

After a stress and several other tests @ the hospital I was cleared to go back to normal daily activities. The following day I saw Dr. Maleh and he recommended a coronary artery scan just to be on the safe side. Heart Disease runs in my family on my fathers side. After the scan it showed I had a large buildup of plaque in my LAD (Widow Maker Artery). Dr. Maleh immediately scheduled an appointment with a well respected Cardiology group. My Cardiologist scheduled me for cardiac catheterization the following week. Good thing! I had a 75% blockage in my LAD and a stent was placed successfully!

If not for Dr. Maleh's recommendation for the initial test, I may not be typing this story now! He has been excellent in my follow care for this, and is always there when needed!. Can't thank him enough!