Honoring Dr. Shari Rosenbaum

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| March, 21 2023 | for Shari B. Rosenbaum, MD
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I met Dr. Rosenbaum when my parents were patients in the practice. She was the physician on call multiple times when our family was in crisis situations with both of my wonderful parents. When I met her, I felt an immediate connection based on her intelligence, warmth, ability to explain things simply during crisis situations, and her direct but kind manner. In one particular situation, she so impressively helped my sisters and me in making a difficult decision regarding my fathers care. She helped us, not knowing us, and not being my fathers primary physician.
After I lost my parents, I decided that I would select a concierge doctor, with Dr. Rosenbaum being my only choice. I told her that I would be an easy patient as I was so healthy. Needless to say, I have experienced many health problems in the past few years. Dr. Rosenbaum is the most amazing coordinator of my care. She calls me with the good and not so good news, answers my questions promptly, and continues to warmly and directly suggest ideas to improve my quality of life. Her communication skills are exemplary.
Recently, she asked me to explore new options for a heart issue. My thinking was not clear on the topic but I valued her recommendation. As always, she listened to my view of the situation and made a suggestion that has resulted in improving my quality of life immensely.
I always feel confident that she has my best interests at heart, so much so that one of my sisters now sees her and feels the same!!!!
In summary, I feel grateful that Dr. Rosenbaum is my doctor and look forward to many more years of her superb care.