Hospital closing, losing job

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| March, 13 2020 | for Karen Gardner, DO

I was the Lab Director at Hahnemann University hospital, a 459 bed, level 1 trauma center in Phila, when they announced last June 2019 that they would be closing in August 2019.

I have work FT for over 40yrs, and needed a FT job immediately. I also had a staff of over 135 medical technologist, that also needed jobs.

Dr Gardner called me immediately after hear the news. She started looking for jobs for me and my staff. She checked on me several times per week, and insisted I keep her posted on my interviews. She even mailed me articles from Medical journals that discussed the closing.

Every member of my lab cried daily, and one by one as the techs left, saying good bye was beyond anything I ever had to endure, and my ex-husband left me while I was 5 months pregnant, and I raised my wonderful daughter alone.

I don't know any other physician that would be so concerned and compassionate over my physical and mental well being!!

Dr Gardner is a life saver, a friend, and one of the smartest physicians I've ever met! I will always be your patient-Thanks!!

I also got the same job as Lab Director in another hospital in Sept 2019!