How Dr. Rebecca Franzi-Osborne saved me.....

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| January, 19 2024 | for Rebecca Franzi-Osborne, MD

I was rushing, something an 87 year old should never do. Two music friends were coming over to play trios, tricky music that
the three of us would especially enjoy. But as I stepped over a line of bricks, my sandals caught and I fell, splat, flat on my face!
My nose spurted blood, my thumb bled, and I knew I was in serious trouble. Fortunately a daughter was visiting, and called
Dr. Osborne, asking her what we should do and where we should go to get X-rays. Her wise advice was, "If you go to Urgent
Care and they tell you they can X-ray your nose, make sure to ask them if they have someone on hand who can READ the X-rays!"
Wise advice. No urgent cares had that X-ray PLUS someone on hand to read the X-rays! Dr. Osborne then suggested
we try "Tucson ER and Hospital", a marvelous choice, where my broken nose was xrayed, as was my bleeding head, a doctor stayed
with me for almost an hour, telling me the options, and the cost was surprisingly low. All through this experience, my daughter felt
supported by Dr. Osborne, giving us advice and counsel as we needed and that was indispensable.
In a surprising coincidence, my 88 year old husband, not a patient of Dr. Osborne, had had a similar experience in the past.....a trip and fall on a ledge,
and a broken nose and banged head. He was In a local hospital emergency room for many hours before being treated, and the cost was in the tens of thousands of dollars. We were so fortunate to be counseled by Dr. Osborne who has been always available and because of her experience, gives wise counsel.