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H Clay
| March, 11 2020 | for Jeannine Laramie, MD
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Dr. Laramie tells it like it is. Being in agriculture, I live daily with risk and reward. Agriculture also involves daily use of, and understanding of chemistry regarding welding, soil and animal health; bio-chemistry for animal and plant care; physics for building and inventing things; genetics for animal selection; zoology and veterinary science for disease prevention, animal care and the occasional pulling of calves; botany and soil science for animal nutrition, optimal plant growth and avoidance of poisonous plants; culture and higher mathematics for understanding markets and food fads; psychology for dealing with the hate-agriculture crowd; and statistics for evaluating the validity of ever (temporally) changing ideas in what is curiously called the “hard sciences”; and for selecting old and new ideas to try. Dr. Laramie regularly reminds me that my body is not a place for me to apply my agricultural instincts and that an experiment or error in judgement might not turn out well.