I always get an appointment when I need it.

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| March, 13 2018 | for William J. Long, MD

I have been under Dr. Long's care for many years and was glad to follow him when he became part of MDVIP.
I am always pleased with Dr. Long's time he spends with me. He explains my issue and we discuss possible appropriate needs. He is never in a hurry and makes me feel as I'm his only concern at the moment.
He ask me about my family and identifies each by name. He is concerned about my mental health as well as my physical.
He helps me set healthcare goals and follows up with my progress.
Dr. Longs nurse, Denise, is wonderful. She always responds quickly to my calls and helps me with an issue or speaks to Dr. Long for an answer.
I always get an appointment when I need it. My prescriptions are refilled quickly. His front office is exceptional and always greet with a smile.
How do I feel about Dr. Long? He cares about his patients individually and on a personal level I feel he is always there for me. This is very important since I have several chronic health issues.
He has practiced medicine the same as he did long ago-the patient is important and he listens. That talent is overlooked with many doctors today.