I appreciated his caring and trust it will continue.

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| March, 1 2018 | for Lewis R. Weiner, MD

When circumstances made it necessary for me to be treated at Brigham and Women's Hospital for a TAVR procedure, and a bronchoscopy for cryptogenic organizing pneumonia, Dr. Louis R. Weiner was very conscientious with a follow-up visit which took a great deal of time. That meant a great deal to me. When I fractured my wrist, he and his staff made it possible for me to have the wrist x-rayed the following day and arranged for me to consult with and be treated by a specialist. That spared me a visit to a busy and crowded ER. When I had a head injury from a fall, he arranged for me to be admitted to Miriam Hospital where I was treated very well. He even came to visit me there. I appreciated his caring and trust it will continue. I am now seeing a pulmonologist in RI for my lung problem. I hope I do not have to travel to Boston again because that is very stressful.