I can't thank Dr Legare enough for the support he gives my family!

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| March, 24 2017 | for Edward J. Legare, MD, FACP

It's a call every parent dreads from their child who is halfway across the country attending college. Dad, something is wrong, my face is burning up I think I used too much acne medicine. I figured this must happen all the time, Go to health services and see what they say.

I get a call an hour later that he is being transported to the university hospital. Then I get a call that he is in isolation, burning up with a fever and his face is fire engine red. I jump on the next plane and in 3 hours I am at his bedside and never saw a more gruesome sight. A doctor saw me walk in and followed me. I learned that his immune system has been compromised and they don't know why. They were performing every test imaginable for horrific diseases. I pulled out my phone, took a couple pictures and sent them to Dr Legare. Within minutes my phone was ringing and the first thing Ned said was, make sure they check him for shingles.

Shingles is extremely rare for a 19 year old but Dr Legare made the correct diagnosis from a couple pictures off a phone. It took days for the shingles test to come back positive but they started treating him for shingles immediately. It was an aweful week in the hospital and a long, painful recovery but it would have been worse if we didn't start his treatment immediately. I can't thank Dr Legare enough for the support he gives my family!