I couldn’t persuade her to relocate her whole practice

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| August, 3 2020 | for Kate B. Wilson, MD

Unfortunately I will no longer be one of Dr Kate’s patients because I have moved too far away, but I wanted to post my appreciation for all her good care over the years. I was lucky to already be one of her patients when she went to the MDVIP model, because her roster filled up very fast. I never regretted paying the premium for this privilege. Although in person you would not think I am the picture of health, in fact I have held up undeservedly well for a 71-year-old. I think there have only been three occasions when I required special attention from Dr Kate outside of my annual wellness visits and associated scans and tests: (1) a slip-and-fall that required a look-see from her and some muscle relaxants; (2) coordination of hospital care as a result of an emergency hernia surgery (pretty sure my good surgeon had a healthy fear of—oh I mean respect for—her oversight; and (3) diagnosis and treatment of a thyroid condition which I am sure was long-standing but which had never been detected before. In addition, she was exceedingly helpful in getting a family member with a somewhat more complicated medical history into another doctor’s “closed” practice. Dr Kate’s staff is great (Alicia! Andrea!) and I always knew I would get a quick response if I needed anything. Over the years I have watched so many of my friends and acquaintances struggle to get attention and follow-up from their medical professionals. I used to tell them about the MDVIP model but none of them seemed to want to put the equivalent of their monthly cable bills toward better medical help. And then, the practices fill up so very fast they had little chance of getting in anyway. Dr Kate is a people-person who is easy to talk with and who wants to collaborate with her patients to help them be the healthiest they can be. She does not take a lordly I’m-the-expert-just-do-what-I-say attitude (although I did, in fact, feel totally confident in her judgements) . She exhibits remarkable forbearance toward patients who persist in bad habits. She organizes events and outings of interest to her clients. It sure has been a great blessing in my life to have her in my corner. If you hurry, you might can slide into the spot I have to vacate in her practice. ☹️👋🏻