I had an emergency and Dr. D saw me immediately

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| March, 15 2020 | for David DeAtkine Jr, MD, FACE

I was in my law office. I felt a pain in my chest, my breathing was labored and I became very dizzy. I stood up and fell down. I called my wife who came to take me to the emergency room. I insisted that she take me to Dr. DeAtkine's office. She relented. We went in, told the receptionist that I thought I might be having a heart attack. She took me back to an examination room and moments later Dr. DeAtkine entered and went to work. Once he was satisfied that I was stable, he arranged for me to check in to the hospital for additional tests. Later, while in the hospital, Dr. DeAtkine came in to check on me. It was very reassuring to be in the care of Dr. DeAtkine rather than someone I did not know in an emergency room environment. This was the kind of care and attention I had come to expect, and am very glad I have. Thank you.