I Had To Stay With Dr. Bishop

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Bonnie Gore
| April, 5 2024 | for Frederick L. Bishop, MD
Image provided by: Bonnie Gore

When Dr. Bishop decided to move to concierge medicine, he had been our doctor for a decade at least. My husband was very, very ill at the time. The fee for concierge medicine was quite daunting but we couldn’t change doctors in the middle of his illness and Dr. Bishop had been so good to him. So we stayed with Dr. Bishop and I’ve never been sorry. My husband’s life ended and I stayed with Dr. Bishop. I remarried and sold my new husband on joining me in Dr. Bishop’s practice. We are so glad to have a doctor that you always actually see instead of a nurse practitioner! Dr. Bishop doesn’t even have a nurse practitioner! Love that!!! Thanks Dr. Bishop! You’re the best!