I have known Dr. Khalusi for nearly 22 years

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| October, 26 2016 | for Nami Khulusi, MD
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I have known Dr. Khalusi for nearly 22 years. Not only are we collegues but he is my primary care physician. Being a Dermatologist he and I share many patients. He is the most caring and compassionate doctors that I know. Combine this with his knowledge of medicine and he is one amazing physician. Everyone that I send to him is always very satisfied and happy they have him as their doctor. He has always taken care of me and I would like too share one example of the quality of care he provides all of his patients. I had a surgery recently and needed some questions answered but my surgeon did not answer my calls..Not only did Dr Khalusi answer and address my issues but he called me 5 times a day for a week to see how I was doing and to help me. He gave me confidence that I was safe ! His empathy and knowledge of medicine makes for an amazing and caring Doctor. I highly recommend him.