I joined MDVIP to die with dignity… MD VIP and Dr. Rocker ended up Saving my life!

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| February, 24 2024 | for Jeffry Rocker, DO

On Jan 14th, 2019 I was diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary fibrosis by the Orlando Regional Medical Center while hospitalized with pneumonia and sepsis. Idiopathic Pulmonary fibrosis is a uncommon disease with a poor prognosis. Statically people will die from it within 3 to 5 years from date of diagnoses; there is no known treatment, no known cure, only treat the symptoms and provide comfort. My EXCELLENT family doctor of almost three-decades was putting me through his own tests to validate or invalidate the diagnosis I received because it is so rare. Covid came and he retired (was retirement age) and I was without a physician for the first time in my life in decades. My job was concerned as I was on oxygen 24/7 and being found unconscious at work, lost over 100 lbs. in eight months while on Oxygen at work; long story short I was tasked with “attrition planning” and as soon as I trained everyone in my roles, I was unexpectedly let go under a NDA (I refused to sign). Prior to that my employer’s life insurance company, MetLife denied me 1-time my annual pay – first time in my life that happened. I lost my private insurance with my job, I lost my doctor of almost 30-years (he was also now the Director of Medicine at Geisinger Medical Center just outside NYC, listed by US News and World Reports as among the best in the Country). I suffered going from one provider to the next none of whom could help and only made it worse. I developed heart failure I was told the result of the stress the lungs were placing on the heart. I was referred to many Cardiologists and they tried different pills and it was a disaster. I was losing balance and consciousness and broke most of my front teeth from falls on the tile floor, destroying over $10K in porcelain veneers and even had a concerned friend send for a wellness check on me because I missed a phone call. Eventually I found better insurance and found Dr. Jeffrey Rocker, DO; a physician who participated in MDVIP. Prior to that I have not heard of MDVIP, but once I met Dr. Rocker and we interviewed each other (a really good experience), we agreed it was a good fit and Dr. Rocker agreed to take over and coordinate my care and to care for me until the end. I was diagnosed in January 2019; it was now June 2023 – 4.5 years since my diagnoses – expected life expectancy is only 3-5 years from diagnosis. My number was up. Dr. Rocker took over my care and coordinated all my specialists and I see him Dr. Rocker at least once a month if not more about my care. Dr. Rocker continued to keep sending me to all kinds of specialists and testing, he also identified and treated my heart failure; turns out it was a rare condition called “POTS Syndrome”. It is difficult to diagnose, on average it takes someone over 7-years and 5-cardiologists before the correct cause is found. Dr. Rocker just has an uncanny, almost un-nerving ability to spend time with you and he can identify things other doctors cannot. I witnessed this phenomenon first hand. Dr. Rocker continued my specialists and lung doctors – this was the life changing event. It was discovered that I was mis-diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis back in 2019, I never had it and I am not going to die like almost every single doctor has been telling me I would and how I needed to “accept it” and face reality, etc. It went like wildfire, first the Pulmonologist said it and put it in writing even, then the infectious disease doctor, my retired PCP had said it all along, but the hospital just built off my diagnosis and to them “I had it”. Long story – I have what is called a MAC lung infection. It was mistaken for IPF. When they did CT’s and would say my IPF is spreading (last CT only had 34% lung left between the two) before they realized I had a lung infection – not pulmonary fibrosis. I am taking multiple antibiotics every day now together with infusions three days a week at the hospital, I no longer am focused on the stress of dying, but the excitement of having a future I never would have dared dream of. Nearly ever doctor prior to MDVIP and Dr. Rocker said I had to use my time to prepare. I am CONVINCED that the ONLY reason this was found and my life saved was because MDVIP allowed me fast access to my doctor and there is no limitation on visits. I was able to go monthly or more and Dr. Rocker was able to monitor me and know me much better than a regular doctor you wait months to see maybe one or two times a year. Friends, family, everyone I know agrees it was the combination of this program and the best practicing physician I know that brought about this happy ending for me.