I love and respect Dr Berger so much.

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| March, 19 2018 | for Brent A. Berger, MD

I love and respect Dr Berger so much. He is an excellent Doctor, with a great mind, a wonderful person, always treating me like a fellow human being and not a case. He listens to me patiently, always taking the time to hear me and caring to understand what are my issues. Excellent diagnostician, trying hard to figure out what is going on..He is a great doctor, with a creative mind and solutions. He does not hesitate to say I don't know, I have to think about it and consult . That is why I trust his judgment and consult with him about all medical issues. He always return my calls. He called specialist I saw , to help discuss and have the bigger picture the whole medical situation. I know he is there for me, caring about my health and I appreciate it so so much.
He is compassionate and considerate, gentle, taking the time to make me feel comfortable, easing appointment with humor. Asking about What I am reading , my family, and sharing with me experiences he had.
I am so thankful to have Dr Berger as my doctor.